Strategies for playing 3-reels online slot machines.

Strategies for playing 3-reels online slot machines.

Classic slot machines are available almost in every online casino. There are the most simply video slots, which require minimum set of skills: how to put the money into it and how to press “Spin” button. Typical classic video slot has one paying line and three reels, but it doesn’t mean that it’s no need to build any strategy for playing slot machines. Below are the descriptions for at least three strategies that might be useful for every player.

The first one is bankroll-based. Very simple: take your bankroll, divide it by the number of bets you want to make and you’ll get the bet size. For $100 deposit with no bonus taken the optimal bet size would be $0,25-$0,40. Start spinning until you win over your deposit at least 20% and then quit or switch to another slot machine.
The second strategy is called “Two Bucket”, and has several variations. But the most popular is that you have to divide your bankroll and your winnings, or “put it in two buckets”.

Then start playing and remember how much was bet and how much came out. Continue betting until the total bet become equal to your initial deposit. As an example, if you put $100 into the machine, and your bet size is $0,50 – then you can make 200 bets. After this just withdraw your winnings (well, it could be just the rest of your balance) and quit.

And the last, but not least strategy is based on the assumption that the average bet size shouldn’t be more than the certain amount for the certain deposit amount. It may be like the standard progressive strategy, when you play the first bunch of spins with the minimum bet size, and then, if decent win isn’t achieved, you just up your stake and continue betting. And also the one important thing to remember: if the payout table for the top combination for one coin – 100, for two coins – 200 and for three coins – 300, no need in making maximum bets, because result will be the same. But if there is a big difference between top combination and the second one – you definitely should be placing maximum bet, because you are risking by just one additional coin, but could get up to 10 times more in winnings.

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