Common myths about slot machine

Common myths about slot machine

Slot machines attract hordes of gamblers around the globe. And when you browse articles about slot machines you can find many notes related to some weird things. So-called experts try to prove slot machines have got some secrets and it is possible to beat machine with help of winning strategies.

Today we would like to make everything clear.

1) Every slot machine has a set of sequence of spins. Thus it is possible to determine this pattern. Well, this is one of the most common myths related to slot machines. This just simply cannot be true: all slot machines are based on random number generators. RNG generate millions different combinations per minute, absolutely random combinations. That`s why it is absolutely impossible to predict results or track them.

2) Casinos can control and set when jackpots are to be hit. Once again you should remember about absolutely unpredictable results generated by random number generators. This means that casinos do not have any tools to control jackpot symbols and combinations. Surely, online casinos have got other ways to scam players but the ways are not related to RNG. Moreover casinos just use products developed by respected companies like Realtime Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech etc. And developers are responsible for their products and random number generators.

3) Slot machines do not pay out after jackpot was hit. We would like to remind you about independent random number generators. There is no schedule of winnings, so any past winnings do not influence on future pay outs.

4) Nobody controls if slot machines ensure fair gambling or not. In fact there are dozens independent organizations controlling slot machines and casinos. For instance, respected TST (testing facility for land-based and online gaming systems) regularly checks different games and give special certificates to casino software developers. Such certificates prove that RNG provides absolutely unpredictable results. If you see TST certificate on website of selected casino, you should not worry about work of random number generator. Moreover even after certification TST employees conduct similar tests annually.

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