How to find the best video slots

How to find the best video slots

Every single player is trying to find the most suitable slot machine to play with, but in most cases “the best” doesn’t mean “has nice design and a lot of bonuses and features”. The main criterion for players is the payouts percentage. Unfortunately not many online casinos share this particular information with players, but it’s possible to contact support and just request more information.

Also do not forget about the variance. There are four types of variances: Very High, High, Medium and Low. Slots with “Very High” and “High” variance are the most dangerous, but at the same time the most profitable for players. High-variance slot could “give away” awesome win on relatively small bet size, but if you are not lucky enough – your balance will be vanished very quickly. By the way, indirect sign of high variance slot is payout table. Typical payout for highest combination will be about 10.000 coins. As for the bonus features or Free Spins – they are usually having decent payouts and Free Spins feature even has prize multipliers.

Slot machines with medium variance typically have lower payouts for top combinations: about 7.500 coins. And the good new is that for slots with low variance payouts won’t be much less than for medium, and the difference between the top and the second combination is not very big.

With high variance slots players have fewer chances to win, but if they won – it will pay out really nice. As for the slot machines with low variance, here you’ll be getting more wins, but all they are smaller, and will just keep you “at the point” and you won’t be losing too much or too quickly. Saying other words, you have less chances of losing, but you also have less chances of good win. To win something nice – just go to high variance slot, but be ready to lose your deposit.

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