Bonus Slots

Bonus Slots

Bonus slots are the most exciting game variant among all online slots. Bonus slots are those ones that allow players to take part at bonus rounds; if won, these rounds will give players additional advantages: extra money, free spins, and multipliers.

You know that there are different slot symbols: scatter, simple symbols, wild, and bonus symbols. Read bonus slot rules to make a situation with bonus play more clear. In general, when several bonus symbols appear on the reels, you can take part at bonus game. You will be redirected in this case to another window at online casino lobby where you will play at a bonus round. Usually there are several bonus rounds, but sometimes online bonus slots provide only one bonus round.

Usually these games at video bonus slots look like arcade games. You should guess where a special symbol is hidden, or, for example, choose a card which is higher than the card, chosen by dealer.

Online bonus slots are pure gambling, but they allow players to win more. Now let’s consider some typical bonus slots and games you may meet at online casinos.

  • 1. Extra Money
  • This bonus game type presupposes winning extra money. For example, you are asked to choose between three cards, behind each of them some sums are hidden – 5$, 10$ and 25$. Just choose the card and this sum will be added to your account.

  • 2. Free spins
  • Bonus round may give you extra spins, their amount depends on the bonus slot rules. All the money that a player wins during these free spins are added to his or her real money account.

  • 3. Multiplier
  • You may get money prize for winning bonus round and than you will be asked to choose veiled multipliers, i.e. the number on which your prize will be multiplied.

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that sometimes bonus money are leveled to deposit bonus, it means that the cashout is not possible until some wagering conditions will be satisfied.

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