Three plus AntiMartingale Strategy

Three plus AntiMartingale Strategy

It is hard to find effective strategy playing slots. But there are a few of them including “Three plus AntiMartingale”. This betting system is the combination of two independent strategies – famous AntiMartingale strategy and strategy called Three.

In order to increase your chances to achieve good results you should apply this strategy. First of all we should have a closer look at components of this strategy.

What we can change playing slots?

  • 1) Size of bets. Let’s find out how much money you are ready to spend on gambling tonight. Let’s assume that $30 is fine for you. Then your initial bet should be 1/100 of the total amount – 30 cents. 30 cents should be placed on all lines, not just one. Here we mean that $0.3 is your total bet on all lines.
  • 2) Amount of pay lines. We suggest you to use 1/4 – 1/3 of all lines in the very beginning. So, if there are 21 pay lines, your first bet should be on 5-7 pay lines. As we discussed before, total bet should be 30 cents. We have 6 lines, then your bet is 30/6= 5. 5 cents should be placed on 1 line. The same scheme can be used to calculate your bet in case of bigger bankroll.

Ok, we have calculated our bets and decided to place bets on 5-7 pay lines. Now it is time to move on and play. According to our strategy, we should used system Three with elements of AntiMartingale.

What does it mean?

When we lose 3 spins in a row we should decrease bet by 1 unit. When we win 1 out of 3 spins we should increase bet by 1 unit. If we decreased bets 3 times we should decrease amount of active pay lines by one. In case of triple decrease of pay lines we should start from the very beginning of betting cycle.

As you can see this strategy is quite simple. All you need to do is to keep in mind the algorithm. By the way, you can also change the algorithm if you wish. It is possible to substitute “Three” system with “Four” or even “Five” strategies. So instead of using cycles with 3 spins you can use cycles with 4 or 5 spins.

According to statistics, “Three plus AntiMartingale” increases your chances of winning by 4-12%. However it doesn’t guarantee constant winnings. Why to play blindly if you can increase your odds following simple algorithm?

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