Types of Online Casino Slots

Types of Online Casino Slots

Slots are perhaps one the favorite games of casino-goers and online casino patrons alike. Slots provide an interactive and fast paced exciting game for players around the world no matter what their gaming budget. There are games available that meet every interest. Slots rules are simple to learn and we will review them here so that players may learn at their own pace.

Many online casinos offer video slots for the enjoyment of every casino player. Each casino provides details regarding how to play their specific games but all games follow general video slots rules which apply to most every game whether online or in person.

At the most basic, slots rules state simply that a player inserts their coins and then push a button to spin the reels. Once the reels have stopped, either they will form a winning combination of symbols on one or more “paylines” or they will not. If they do, the player is rewarded on the credit meter with that combination’s win.

The wager amount can vary in slots rules, and in an online slot game, the player can usually choose the amount of the coin value and also choose how many coins to wager on each spin up to a set maximum bet.

There are different types of slot machines available for play in both live and online casinos. We will cover some of the more popular online slot machine categories below.

3 Reel Slots Rules

On a 3 Reel Slot there can be anywhere from one to five paylines. This means that there can be up to five different ways that the symbols on the reels can line up in order to form a winning combination. With three reels in a still position you will see nine symbols visible. The ways in which the paylines form are usually across the middle three for the first, across the top, across the bottom, and across the two diagonals. The winning combinations on a 3 Reel Slot typically will have to be three matching symbols. There can also be a wild symbol that can substitute for the other symbols.

5 Reel Slots Rules

5 Reel Slots can have a great number of paylines. Similar to 3 Reel Slots the paylines can be formed horizontally and diagonally, but they can also make different shapes around the screen, allowing for many more opportunities to make a winning combination. On a 5 Reel Slot the paylines will typically light up with a different color line to show how the combinations must form in order to match in the correct way. The colored line will correspond to the payline number’s color shown to the left and right of the reels.

Bonus Slots

At some online casinos you will find bonus slots. These games include only a single payout line found in the middle row. When the reels are spun and eventually stop, there is a chance for a special bonus symbol to appear in one of the positions. If this happens, an additional bonus payout is won by the player.

Feature Slots

There are some online slot games that include special features. These games include special symbols called scatter symbols. When these scatter symbols appear in a certain combination (specific to each particular game type – see your favorite online casino for details), bonus features can be triggered that award special prizes such as free spin sessions. During the bonus feature the player has the chance of winning other special prizes depending on that game’s specific video slots rules.


Progressives are a special kind of jackpot that can be included on any of the slot games that have already been described above. A progressive jackpot in a live casino can be linked between many machines in a single casino or across multiple casinos. In this case, a portion of each wager placed is contributed to the jackpot, so the jackpot amount grows exponentially as the included games are played. When a certain winning combination is hit by a player on one of those games, the jackpot is won. Sometimes there is a secondary, and even a tertiary jackpot as well that can be won on other combinations. The current amount of any progressive jackpot included on a slot machine is usually displayed very prominently above the group of games that the jackpot is available on. In an online casino, a progressive jackpot can be included as a customer plays an online slot game and is usually visible above the middle reels of the game screen. Not all online slots include a progressive jackpot, but many do, so keep an eye out for the potential for a big jackpot. Typical in online casinos is a random progressive jackpot that can hit at any time for any player, so you could be next!

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