Bonus Slot Machines Strategy

Bonus Slot Machines Strategy

When you are playing with bonus slot machines you need to know that average number of spins between bonus round and Free Spins feature is about 125-175 or so. It could be more, or it could be less and you’ll never know when you hit it. It is an average number, and it depends on the certain slot and its variance (Very High, High, Medium or Low).

To be able to take an advantage over the given video slot player need to define the bankroll size. And according to its size define the minimum and maximum bet. For instance, if the bankroll size vary from $200 to $250, then the optimal bet for online slot with medium variance will be about $0,75-$1. The minimum bet would be $0,50 and maximum bet – $1,50. The main target is to get decent bonus round or Free Spins with nice payout.

The most preferable way is to start with the minimum bet size, and then continue betting with about 100 spins (as was stated above, bonus round or free spins occur once in every 125-175 spins, but it’s not strict rule). And even if you get the feature at the very firs spin – no worries, you are still the winner! But according to the some statistics data if the feature doesn’t appear for a very long time, when it finally occur – it will pay much better than the average payout.

If you didn’t get any feature in the first 100 spins with minimum bet – it’s time to up it a little and start betting with $0,75-$1 per one spin. If you manage to get the bonus within next 50 spins – it could bring you over the starting bankroll. But if still no feature – the next bet will $1,5. Be aware that sometime features don’t pay much, maybe 10-30x your bet. Many players just increase their bets to maximum trying to get another feature which could pay much better. And sometimes it works.

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