Online casinos bonuses

Online casinos bonuses

What do online casinos offer to players that live casinos typically do not? Bonuses! From deposit bonuses to signup bonuses, there are countless different types available to players. We will cover some of the most popular types of online casino bonuses here for you so that you may become a more educated player as you peruse the world of online casinos.

Match Bonuses

Match bonuses are the most common type of bonuses a player will run across in an online casino. These bonuses vary in amount and detail but essentially are all defined as a percentage match of the player’s deposit amount up to a certain dollar figure. These are the most common for a reason – they are the lowest risk for the casino in regard to giving away free money and the least abused feature when it comes to online casino bonuses.

Things to watch out for when determining whether to accept a match bonus at an online casino:

  • 1.Review the wagering requirements and casino terms and conditions for a bonus if you’re interested in playing there. Some online casinos have very high wagering requirements prior to being able to withdraw any winnings when bonus money is involved in any way.
  • 2.Read the fine print. If it seems too good to be true it just might be – ask lots of questions and be an informed player. Be certain that your real cash account funds are not restricted prior to accepting any bonus conditions, and be certain that you are aware of any game restrictions that might apply to match bonuses or any other bonuses.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are not as frequently seen as match bonuses, but they are out there if you look closely enough. These bonuses are more often abused and thus less often offered by casinos online. The way they work typically is that the player must download and install the casino software and open a new real money account, but they are not required to deposit any funds into that account in order to receive the bonus money.

The No Deposit Bonus was originally designed to attract players who were nervous about depositing funds into an online casino account sight unseen, so this type of bonus was used to lure them in and get them started in the casino to make them feel more comfortable and let them become accustomed to the environment prior to making any deposit of their own funds.

What to look out for when accepting a No Deposit Bonus:

Read the fine print (always a good idea no matter what the type of bonus is). Be certain you agree to the wagering requirements, as they are very frequently strict due to the nature of the bonus.

Weekly/Monthly Bonuses

Weekly and Monthly Bonuses are very similar in nature to match bonuses. Typically they are structured so that once a month or once a week a player may claim a percentage bonus amount based on their deposit totals up to a set maximum figure. Not all online casinos offer this type of bonus, but many do, so if you are a fan of bonus play then keep your eyes peeled for these when researching online casinos.

Banking Bonuses

Some online casinos may prefer that their players use one type or another of depositing or withdrawing their funds when playing at their casino. It may be that one method of banking is less expensive to the casino than another. In order to give incentive to their players to convince them that one method of banking may be a better option than another, some online casinos will offer a bonus to persuade their players to use these preferred methods because it will make the process easier on their end.

These bonuses typically are set up so that the player will get a small percentage bonus if they choose to use the preferred method of depositing funds into their account. The bonus is typically available on each deposit the player makes. Banking bonuses are typically able to be combined with other bonuses. The amount of the bonus usually will make up for any extended sign up process that the player must endure for using the alternate/preferred banking method.

As with all online casino bonuses, always be sure to review the fine print carefully. There may be limits to how much of a bonus each player can receive depending on the casino, and there may also be wagering requirements that will have to be met prior to any withdrawals being made when any bonus is accepted. Be an educated player and read all terms and conditions prior to playing or depositing.

High Roller Bonuses

High roller bonuses are not available at all online casinos but are widely popular by players who prefer to deposit larger amounts of money into their accounts at one time. Many online casinos do offer this type of bonus so keep an eye out if you are a player who has a taste for the high life. The typical high roller bonus will include a higher percentage match when making a large deposit into a real money account. Sometimes these bonuses will be a percentage match and sometimes they will be a set dollar amount depending on the casino, and often there will be a set maximum that a player can claim. As with all online casino bonuses, players should read the terms and conditions ahead of time to be certain of any wagering requirements or rules before accepting any kind of bonus.

Loyalty Bonuses

Online casinos typically want to keep a player once one has made a visit to their establishment. In an attempt to keep players coming back, many online casinos will offer loyalty rewards of one kind or another. Often, these loyalty reward bonuses will be given in the form of a points system based on the amount of real money that a player wagers over a certain amount of time. Over time, these points can be exchanged for real cash. This is one method of customer longevity that online casinos share with land based casinos as these loyalty programs are very similar in nature to the programs offered by land based casinos by way of player reward card systems.

An example of how a loyalty bonus might work is:

For every 10 dollars that a player spends in Slots, 1 reward point is added to the player’s points account balance. For every 20 dollars that a player spends playing Keno, 1 reward point will be added to the player’s balance. Once the player reaches 1000 points, the player might earn $10 back in bonus cash that they can then use to play with or exchange for other prizes, depending on the casino. Some casinos will increase your program level if you accrue a certain number of points within a given amount of time, and at higher levels, higher bonuses may be given.

There are other bonus types available at many online casinos. As a player you should always review an online casino’s bonuses prior to accepting one so that you can be certain that you are receiving exactly what you expect to receive and that you do not have any restrictions placed upon you that you do not want. As a player you have a right to educate yourself. No matter which bonus might catch your eye, make sure to read all of the fine print and know what you are getting into before you sign the virtual dotted line and accept the bonus of your choice. Being an educated player means being a happy player; being surprised when it comes time to withdraw your winnings can be a disheartening experience and we aim to bring you the information you need in order to have the best time possible with your online casino bonuses in the casino of your choice.

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